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At heart, the Warrior is an optimist. He believes in keeping his weapons sharp and his wits sharper. Fond of crude jokes, he sometimes comes across as an uncultured brute, but in battle, he's clever and precise, relying on both raw strength and quick combos to gain the upper hand. Such an attitude is surprising considering his upbringing. His mother was killed by monsters, and his drill sergeant of a father walked out on him-but that hasn't dampened his spirit. He's now on a quest to uncover the truth of his birth and lineage, but he's going to find much more than he bargained for.

  • Crush enemies with gigantic weapons including greatswords, hammers, and axes!

  • Use your skills to pound the ground and stun monsters!

  • String together combos in an intricate display of bladework to launch your enemies into the air!

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A warrior standing near a fountain in Iron Wood.
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