Green Mecha Maiden Leggings

Extra Information
Purchasable Price (each):
Green Mecha Maiden Leggings
Binds when obtained
Level Req: 15
Class: Archer
Type: Leg Armor
Can not be enhanced, extracted, destroyed. NX item.
Strength: +21
Agility: +12
Intelligence: +6
Vitality: +3
Designer: Steam
Red Set (255/255)
Set Bonus
3 - Increases Max HP: +2%
3 - Increases Max MP: +2%
5 - Increases Physical Damage Min: +2%
5 - Increases Physical Damage Max: +2%
5 - Increases Magical Damage Min: +2%
5 - Increases Magical Damage Max: +2%
5 - Increases Strength: +0
Set effect is applied between Costumes of same grade.
Set Name Set Items Req. Level
Red Set
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