Desert Dragon Set

Extra Info
Full Set Requires Level:
Only Usable By:
Desert Dragon Set has 9 set pieces.
Set Bonuses
Wearing multiple pieces of this item set will grant you bonus effects.
  • 2 pieces: +682 Magical Damage
  • 3 pieces: +409 Intelligence
  • 4 pieces: +1,023 Magical Damage
  • 5 pieces: +8,701 Max HP
  • 7 pieces: +1,535 Critical
Set Overview
  Total With Set Bonus
Physical Damage Min+3,958 678113810711071     
Physical Damage Max+5,456 1018154014491449     
Magical Damage Min+4,838+6,543829139113091309     
Magical Damage Max+6,668 1244188217711771     
Defense+6,240     218415606241248624
Magic Defense+12,482     43693121124824961248
Critical+10,650+12,185 409632773277     
Max HP+8,701         
Max MP+4,687   4687      
MP Regen+34    34     
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