Dragon Nest Armory Tooltips

This short guide will walk you through adding tooltips from Dragon Nest Armory to your website.

1. Installation

Add the following code to your page. Preferably at the end of your page after the closing body tag. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://DNArmory.com/js/db_tooltips.js"></script>
If you like you can download a test html page (Right-click and save as) that you can upload to your server to test features and play with stuff without any copy/pasting from here.

2. Usage

Links to items and skills will now support a tooltip straight from our database. Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/item?i=269160384">Elf Queen's Corps Axe</a>
Result: Elf Queen's Corps Axe

Quality Colored Links

Links can be colored based on quality level. Simply use "class=q#" where # is a number between 1 and 6. 1 = White (Normal), 2 = Green (Magic), 3 = Blue (Rare), 4 = Light Orange (Epic), 5 = Purple (Unique), 6 = Bright Orange (Legendary). Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/item?i=1124610048" class="q5">[Unicorn]</a>
Result: [Unicorn]
Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/item?i=269225729" class="q6">[Sea Dragon Smasher Axe]</a>
Result: [Sea Dragon Smasher Axe]

Other Links

Skills, titles, npcs, and monsters also support links. Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/skill?i=2" class="q1">Impact Punch</a>
Result: Impact Punch
Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/title?i=324">1 more step to go</a>
Result: 1 more step to go
Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/monster?i=259804903">Powerful Orc Commander</a>
Result: Powerful Orc Commander
Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/npc?i=28">Bailey</a>
Result: Bailey

Use the "rel" attribute to have a skill tooltip display a certain rank or to have items display other variations. Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/skill?i=2" rel="&amp;rank=5">Impact Punch</a>
Result: Impact Punch

Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/item?i=269093120" rel="&amp;el=10" class="q3">+10 Mystical Orc Axe</a>
Result: +10 Mystical Orc Axe

Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/item?i=269093120&amp;m=2028264" rel="&amp;m=2028264" class="q3">Mystical Orc Axe, with potential stats and the link takes you to the page with the potential applied</a>
Result: Mystical Orc Axe, with potential stats and the link takes you to the page with the potential applied

Code: <a href="http://dnarmory.com/item?i=269093120" rel="&amp;hm=541098304" class="q3">Mystical Orc Axe, with a hidden potential</a>
Result: Mystical Orc Axe, with a hidden potential


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